February 8, 2023

Elon Musk may tweet about the Twitter deal without “disparaging the company or any of its representatives,” according to a securities filing.

Jakub Polzky | Digital Photo | Getty Images

Elon Musk and Twitter continued their spat on Monday, with the social media company slamming the Tesla CEO’s demands to slow the trial timeline. Musk is trying to terminate his previous deal to buy Twitter for $54.20 a share ($44 billion) and take it private.

Musk has repeatedly accused Twitter of lying about the number of bots and spam accounts on its platform. Twitter has denied the claims and is suing to force Musk to close the deal.

Twitter had hoped for a trial as early as September, but Musk has asked a Delaware court to reject its request to speed up the trial, targeting next year. His lawyers argued that Musk needed time to thoroughly investigate whether the company misrepresented the number of spam and bot accounts on its platform.

In a Monday filing, Twitter accused Musk of using delay tactics to harm the company in the court of public opinion.

“Trial must be done sooner rather than later,” the company’s lawyers wrote. “This very public controversy hurts Twitter every day, and Musk is violating it. Musk has disparaged it by using the company’s own platform as a megaphone. , thereby amplifying the damage.”

Twitter’s lawyers noted in their filing that “millions of Twitter shares trade every day under the cloud of suspicion created by Musk. No public company of this size and scale has had to deal with these uncertainties.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Catherine St. J. McCormick, who adjudicated the case, notified parties that she had contracted the virus. She said they would not delay a hearing on the trial schedule, but said they would hold a hearing via conference call (using Zoom) on Tuesday, July 19.

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