October 6, 2022

  • A hitherto unidentified Muslim man was killed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Friday.
  • Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, 27, and Aftab Hussein, 41, were shot dead in the past two weeks.
  • The state’s governor called them “targeted killings,” and the FBI is assisting in the investigation.

A man shot dead in Albuquerque may be the latest victim of an alleged serial killing of Muslims in New Mexico’s largest city.

albuquerque police Announce An unidentified young Muslim man was shot dead Friday night.

Police did not provide any other details about the man or the circumstances of the murder, but said he was found dead at the scene and appeared to be in his twenties.

He was the fourth Muslim man to be killed in a series of unsolved killings.

Police and federal agencies in New Mexico are investigating whether the murder is connected, and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham described them as “Targeted killings.”

Reuters reports In other recent murders of Muslim men in New Mexico’s largest city, victims were ambushed and shot dead without warning, police said.

Muhammad Afzaal Hussain, 27, a Pakistani immigrant and planning supervisor for the city of Espanola, started the project in early August in his Albuquerque town. ) was shot outside the apartment building.

Aftab Hussein, 41, was found dead from a gunshot wound on July 26 near the Albuquerque International District. He attended the same mosque as Hussein.

Mohammad Ahmadi, a 62-year-old Afghan immigrant, was shot in the parking lot of a halal supermarket he ran on Nov. 7, 2021, in the fourth killing as detectives are trying to determine whether it was related to the Albuquerque, Albuquerque said. recent homicides. .

The FBI is assisting in the murder investigation.

Governor Grisham said Twitter The killings were “deeply outrageous and totally intolerable”.

She added: “We will continue to do everything we can to support the Muslim community in Albuquerque and Greater New Mexico during this difficult time. You are New Mexicans, welcome here, and we stand with you. “

The Albuquerque police chief announced that any tips that help solve the murder will be rewarded with $20,000.

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