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Browns’ Kareem Hunt requests trade, Cleveland tells RB it won’t trade him

Cleveland Browns running back Karim Hunt is asking for a trade, the NFL’s James Palmer reported Sunday morning. Palmer added that the team had told Hunter that the request would not be granted.

Hunter’s trade request came a month before the regular season, and the 27-year-old has one year left on his contract.

According to, he currently deserves a base salary of $1.35 million and a roster bonus of $4.9 million

Hunter will only play eight games in 2021 due to ankle and calf injuries. He recorded 386 rushing yards for five touchdowns and added 22 catches for 174 yards.

A vital part of Cleveland’s monstrous backcourt duo with Nick Chubb, Hunter reported 100 percent healthy before training camp. He also expressed his desire to end his Cleveland career in June.

Hunter’s appetite for the hometown team’s storybook appears to have waned given recent developments, but other players like San Francisco’s Debow Samuel set a precedent this offseason in converting trade requests into new contracts.

If the Browns insist on denying Hunter’s request, that stalemate could go down the road. Another outcome, of course, could be that Hunter and Cleveland part ways once RB’s contract ends this season.

Regardless, the Browns will benefit greatly from a fully healthy Hunter this season.

Since joining the Browns, Hunter has spelled Chubb in amazing fashion — especially in the 2020 season, where he’s amassed 1,145 yards and 11 points in scrimmage.

It remains to be seen how things play out — whether the Browns can exploit his game-breaking ability and whether Hunter finds a trade, re-signs his contract or doesn’t change the status quo.

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