March 23, 2023

  • The City University of New York wrote an alumni profile of Johnny Depp’s legal team.
  • CUNY deleted the post after receiving criticism from students and faculty.
  • “This was a grave mistake and an embarrassing moment for CUNY,” one professor tweeted on Friday.

The New York Public University System published an article on its website praising an alumnus of the school for joining Johnny Depp’s legal team, but after receiving rebound The university removed the article from students and faculty.

This Depp and Amber Heard Earlier this summer, defamation trials have been at the forefront of pop culture awareness — sparking headlines and debates about domestic violence.

Amy Hsin, associate professor and professor at the City University of New York, commented on this article on twittercalling the trial of the multi-million dollar “campaign to humiliate victims of domestic abuse” “no less than”.

“If a @CUNY Alumni working on the legal defense teams of Harvey Weinstein (convicted serial rapist) or Ghislaine Maxwell (convicted sex trafficker), will @CUNY Celebrating it in an email blast, calling the case a “hot”? This was a grave mistake and an embarrassing moment for CUNY,” she tweeted on Friday.

Graduate Yarelyn Mena, who was the subject of the original article, reportedly spoke of working on the team and “living in a bubble” throughout the trial daily mail.

“We understand the strong negative sentiment this article has caused and apologise for publishing it,” the school wrote in an Aug. 3 post. statement“This article is not intended to imply or otherwise express support for Mr. Depp or to question any of Amber Heard’s allegations.”

It’s unclear how long the article was posted before it was removed.

CUNY declined to provide further comment.

Hsin and Mena did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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