June 5, 2023

Alli replaced Dwight McNeil in the Premier League opener at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Image: Alami
Image: Alami

McNeill made his unsuccessful debut following a move from Burnley – and Sky Sports’ Sky Score Centre website has a cheeky dig at his performance.

In doing so, they also mercilessly mocked Ali in a savage game update.

It read: “McNeal’s rather mediocre debut is over. Speaking of underwhelming, Dele Alli is on.”

Image: Sky Sports
Image: Sky Sports

Like McNeil, Alli was unable to influence the game as his side lost 1-0 to Thomas Tuchel’s side.

The 26-year-old has not played since his move from Tottenham.

Ahead of Everton’s game against Chelsea, Frank Lampard said he hoped “support” and “tough love” would bring the midfielder back to his best form.

“It’s possible to be a shooter with him,” he told reporters. “He has an instinct to get into goal positions and we need to figure out a way to get him into those positions and maybe restore his confidence as well. That’s why I brought him to the club.

“We all know the location [at Spurs]At the same time, we also knew that if we could get him in the best position he was in, he would be a huge asset to us. It’s been a blank slate on many levels for everyone this season, and certainly for Dele.

“He worked hard in pre-season and if he continues to play in the right way, he will be a very useful player for us.

“I think sometimes it’s support, sometimes it’s tough love. Sometimes you have to hear serious things to play your full role. That’s the case with Dele or any player.”

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