February 6, 2023

Rep. Nancy Mays (R-SC) criticizes her fellow Republicans on NBC show meet the media On Sunday morning, aggressively proposed strict abortion restrictions after Supreme Court overturned decision Roe v Wade earlier this summer.

“The Handmaid’s Tale shouldn’t be a roadmap,” she told NBC host Chuck Todd.

She warned that a serious overreach by the Conservative Party could explode in front of Republicans in November — by attracting an otherwise tepid wave of voters to the Democratic Party. Her comments, of course, come after a shocking upset in Kansas on Tuesday, where voters unexpectedly blocked the state’s attempt to remove abortion rights.

“I am firmly against life,” Mays began to warn. “If we don’t moderate ourselves, that’s going to be a problem in November.”

“We can’t go to the farthest corner on the right or the farthest corner on the left,” she said. “Somewhere in the middle is where we have to meet.”

On the TV news show, Mays emphasized the need for exceptions for women who were sexually assaulted, pointing to a harrowing personal experience she first disclosed publicly three years ago: her rape at the age of 16. South Carolina’s only congresswoman is also unhappy with her own state.

β€œIn my state, South Carolina, legislation prohibits the use of the word ‘abortion’ on websites or website servers. Some people want to ban women from traveling abroad, and people like my state want to ban the use of the term ‘abortion’ on a website or a website server. Aborted girls who have suffered incest,” she lamented.

“The vast majority of people here can accept some guardrails, but they don’t want limbs on either side,” she said.

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