March 23, 2023

canadian hockey
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The Canadian Hockey Association has come under fire after allegations the organization mishandled allegations of sexual assault by members of the men’s youth team in 2018. Michael Brind’Amour has resigned as chairman of the Canadian Hockey Council, According to the group’s Saturday announcement.

Elected as the chair of the Hockey Canada board of directors in 2018, Brind’Amour released a statement on his decision. Brind’Amour says change is necessary for Canadian hockey to move forward.

“I listened carefully and attentively to what Canadians have to say about our sports culture and our organization, as well as our actions and leadership,” Brind’Amour said in a statement“I know the actions we’ve taken in recent weeks are part of the solution.

“With my final term ending in November 2022, I know there is no need to wait for a new era. Immediate action is critical to addressing the important challenges facing our organization and our movement, and our action plan is working towards achieve these challenges.

“I won’t be able to see this update.”

It recently emerged that Hockey Canada has reached a settlement with a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by multiple members of the 2018 men’s youth team at a gala in London, Ontario. As a result of the scandal, the Canadian government has frozen Hockey Canada funding until the organization can meet certain criteria.

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