June 5, 2023

when you try Pick a Netflix show to watch, you might scroll through the options and peruse their descriptions on the home page. But you’ll notice that every time you hover over the title, the trailer starts playing automatically. This can quickly become cumbersome and noisy.

Fortunately, the streaming giant has answered the prayers of many binge watchers in 2020, allowing us to stop these previews from autoplaying.

“We heard loud and clear feedback – members can now control whether they see autoplay previews on Netflix,” Netflix tweet then.

If your binge-watching habits are an issue, Netflix has also added the ability to turn off autoplay for the next episode. (For the rest of us, however, the judgmental “Are you still watching?” screen still seems to be there.)

Any changes you make to autoplay settings are specific to your profile and will take effect on all devices, according to a post in the Netflix Help Center.

According to Netflix, here’s how to turn off or turn on autoplay for trailers and episodes. add, Check out these Netflix tips that will revolutionize the way you watch TV and movies.

How to Stop Netflix from Autoplaying Previews

1. Log in to Netflix from a web browser.

2. choose Manage personal data from the menu.

3. Select the profile you want to update.

4. Check or uncheck options Autoplay preview as you browse all content equipmentand Autoplay the next episode in the series on all devices.

Netflix notes that it may take a while for setting changes to take effect. However, you can force an update by switching to another profile, then switching back to your profile to reload it.

If you’re one of the few people who likes trailers that start suddenly loud, don’t worry – you can leave it as is and autoplay will stay on.

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