June 7, 2023

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee, said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that he thinks Republicans will win this November’s midterm elections, but acknowledged that Taking back the Senate will be “difficult”.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Let me talk to you about the politics of all this. Republicans have been hoping to take advantage of the high inflation and all-time highs we’re in, and President Biden’s low approval ratings to win in November. But the president and Democrats are doing very well here. Natural gas prices fell. You have this massive spending bill being processed. That’s a lot of big wins for Democrats. The president has just authorized this strike to eliminate al Qaeda leaders. Wouldn’t that make it harder for Republicans to gain the advantage you’re trying to create here?

Scott: Well, you know, that sounds good, right? But that’s the talking point in the White House. But let’s think about it, 72% of Americans think we’re on the wrong track. Biden’s numbers are in the tank. If you look at all the Democrats — all Democrats are running, they have to — basically they’re surrogates for Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. I mean, they have to defend inflation, high oil prices, you know, Afghanistan withdrawal, open borders, critical racial theory, defund the police, that’s what they have to defend, because that’s — this is — that’s what Biden is known for , which is known to Democrats. Now, this will be — it looks like it’s an election year. It’s going to be a tough year. We have 21 Republicans and only 14 Democrats. The Democrats are getting ahead of us, but we have good candidates. And, I believe Joe Biden is going to be our key.

Brennan: You said it was going to be a tough year. I want to play for you what Republican leader Mitch McConnell told Fox last week.

(start video clip)

Sen. MITCH MCCONNELL: I think it’s going to be a very tight — we had a 50/50 shot and now we have a 50/50 country. And I think when this Senate race smoke clears, we’re likely to have a very, very close Senate, either we’re up a little bit, or the Democrats are up a little bit.

(end video clip)

Brennan: If things are so bad, why are Republicans so nervous?

Scott: Well, first of all, we have — we have very good candidates. I mean, Democrats are raising a lot of money. So we have to be able to get our message across, so you know, we have to raise money. We’ve got to work — work hard, you know, we’ve been through a lot of primaries, so — but I’m sure we’re going to win, I’m sure we’re going to win, but it’s going to be — it’s going to be tough. We have to raise money for you, we have to work very hard for the candidates – have to work very hard. Everyone will help our candidates, but I’m optimistic.

BRENNAN: So you do agree that it would be nervous for the Republicans to have a slight advantage at most.

Scott: I’m very optimistic. I would – I – but I – I’m realistic, you know, you have to raise money. Democrats. Good money is being raised. Joe Biden is our key. By the way, this bill won’t help Democrats. This will help Republicans. $700 billion in tax increases, $280 billion in Medicare cuts, higher gas taxes, and I have more than 87,000 IRS agents. You know how happy people are to have more IRS agents? I mean, it’s not — it’s not going to be popular across the country.

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