June 5, 2023

Jeremy Lively of Guingamp Scored a spectacular volley from 40 yards next to him Ligue 1 2 games against Laval.

Game balance is 11 into the last 15 minutes, Lively Pull something straight out of the top drawer.

Guingamp Free kick is awarded in the midfield of the opponent’s half, the ball is cleared by Laval’s defense, and the ball bounces perfectly into the opponent’s half Lively. This Guingamp The player showed great technique, volleying the ball into the back of the net from a distance, sending the Laval goalkeeper into a desperate dive.

Lively He ran to his team’s bench as his teammates chased him in shock and excitement.

This incredible target turned out to be a winner Guingamp came out 21 winner. Guingamp Won two of two races and topped the standings Ligue 1 2.

Lionel Messi is believed by many to be the 5th in Paris Saint Germain0 wins Clermont Feet are the goal of the day, but LivelyThe amazing volley is definitely there.

sports writer robin Byrner On Twitter: “Lionel Messi’s goal yesterday wasn’t even the best in France. Forward Jeremy Livelywho scored the winning goal Ligue 1 2 derbies between Laval and Laval Guingamp. ”

One fan said: “Jeremy Lively Scored the best goal in France yesterday, maybe the whole season! ”

Another tweeted: “We have Puskas Season awards starting August 6th.terrific jeremy Lively. “

A third added: “This is a Pukas competitor. “

twenty four-age Lively always there Guingamp Since 2009 and through the ranks to make his Ligue 1 1 debuted in December 2015 against Girondins German bordeaux.He scored his first goal against the club Ajay Auxerre October 2020.

The winger made 75 appearances in total, scoring seven goals. Guingamp But none of the goals surpassed the one he scored yesterday. Absolute beauty.

Will there be better goals for the rest of the season? Only time will tell.

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