June 5, 2023

  • In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Renee Zellweger says she can’t wait to turn 50.
  • The actress also talked about how she loves aging and wants to be better than she was when she was younger.
  • Zellweger, 53, also criticized anti-aging ads that told women that they “no longer have value” as they get older.

Renée Zellweger says she can’t wait to turn 50, calling anti-aging products “rubbish” in an interview published on Sunday.

and Christa D’Souza of The Sunday Times, the Oscar-winning actress has opened up about the ageing of the entertainment industry and why she has “no interest” in going back to 23 again. Zellweger, 53, said she loves getting old and celebrating her 50th birthday in 2019 feels like growing old together.

She told The Sunday Times: “50 feels like a fresh start, no bullshit, you can stop listening to all the voices in your head and all the expectations and predictions people have of you and become more real.” Like, good luck to all of you fools because you have to survive a lot to get to my age and I’ve earned my strength and my voice.”

The outlet noted that Zellweger has come under scrutiny in the past for rumored facelift surgery.Although she denied the rumors 2016 Huffington Post Columnshe remains an outspoken critic of products and ads that claim to make women look younger.

“All these ads tell us that if we just buy all their creams and restorers and all the crap they want to sell us, we don’t need to look at our real age? I thought, what, you say me because of me 53 years old and worthless? Is that what you mean?” Zellweger said.

She continued: “There’s a big difference between being your absolute best, most dynamic version of yourself and wanting to be what you’re not. To be dynamic and beautiful, you have to accept your age or you’ll be apologetic Life, to me it’s not beautiful at all.”

Renee Zellweger holding her Oscar "Judy" wearing a white one-shoulder dress

Renee Zellweger accepts an Oscar after winning Best Actress for “Judy” on February 9, 2020 in Hollywood, California.

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

The “Judy” star, who took a six-year hiatus from acting in 2010, said she doesn’t follow online buzz or tabloids. She revealed that she did not have any social media accounts and thought the urge to check her phone every day would be “frightening”.

Zellweger’s most recent role came in 2022, when she played Pam Hepp (where she also serves as an executive producer) on Peacock’s crime drama “About Pam.” She was blamed for wearing padded clothes on the show that made her appear bigger, but she told The Times she tried to be “respectful and responsible” for it.

“There’s always a limit to how much you can build a true approximation without distraction,” she said.

Zellweger, determined to live an unapologetic lifestyle, said she wants her character to speak for herself.

“Okay, so you want to look good? So go get your hair done or fix your skin or be at the spa that day or whatever makes you feel great,” she says. “But let who you are, what you contribute, and how you represent yourself at that age.”

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