February 6, 2023

foldable phone Make a splash in 2019 when companies like Samsung, Huawei and Motorola Introduced their first bendable device. With Samsung, Motorola, and Google rumored to be working on new flexible phones, another milestone moment could be on the way.

Samsung’s next-generation foldable phone could be just around the corner.The tech giant is holding the next August 10th Unboxing Eventrumored to be releasing Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. This assumes Samsung follows its previous release pattern of releasing the Galaxy Z Flip 5G in summer 2020, and Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 August 2021.

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Sales of foldable phones are growing, but they are still not as common as standard phones. According to reports, foldable smartphone shipments will increase by 264.3% in 2021 compared to 2020 International Data Corporation. But IDC estimates that only 7.1 million foldable phones will be sold in all of 2021, compared to 362.4 million in 2021 alone the fourth quarter of last year.

Here are the rumored foldable phones from Samsung, Motorola, and others said to be in the works.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: What we want to see


Samsung Z Fold 3

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Sarah Tu/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung’s phone-tablet hybrid is reportedly getting an upgrade this year.Based on the leaks and rumors that have emerged so far, it looks like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be a modestly improved version of the current version Z Fold 3. It could have a sleeker design thanks to a slimmer hinge, according to prolific leaker Ice Universealso improved camera and Galaxy S22The source also claims that Qualcomm’s recently announced Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 will reportedly power the device.

But the Galaxy Z Fold 4 I’d really like to see is cheaper. The current version costs $1,800 without a trade-in, making it one of the most expensive phones around. But display analyst Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, said: speculate Samsung’s next-gen foldables will get price cuts.

Samsung usually unveils its new foldable phones in August, so we expect to hear more soon.Check out our full story for more details on what to expect Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Samsung Z Flip 3

Samsung’s current Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Sarah Tu/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung is also expected to launch a new version of the clamshell, Flip phone style Galaxy Z Flip This year. Similar to the rumors about the Z Fold 4, leaks about the Z Flip 4 suggest it will be an update to the current model rather than a huge change.

Z Flip 4 is expected to get a larger overlay screen According to Yangshowing the analyst, and Yogsh Brar, the author of the website 91mobiles, claims to have received a full list of the Z Flip 4’s specs. Upgrades like this will make it easier to see the time and notifications at a glance without having to unfold the phone.

We won’t know for sure until Samsung releases a new version of the Z Flip, which could be in August.Check out our full story to learn more about what we might be doing in Z flip 4.

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Samsung's concept Flex S tablet showcased at CES 2022

Samsung Display showed off several foldable concepts at CES 2022, including the Flex S tablet shown here.


The new Samsung foldable

But perhaps even more exciting is that Samsung will soon unveil a brand new foldable phone. In a tweet that appears to have been deleted, Ice Universe said before Samsung could launch a third foldable this year. Yang also interjected It’s fair to say that Samsung’s sliding phone was originally scheduled for production in 2022, but it was delayed.

If Samsung plans to launch a new style of foldable phone, it sure has plenty of ideas to choose from.The South Korean tech giant showed several new concepts At CES 2022 in January, including a phone with a tri-fold screen and a swipeable display. But Samsung hasn’t provided any indication that it plans to launch a new foldable phone anytime soon, so we have to assume its concept is just an idea for now.

motorola shaver

2020 Motorola Razr

Angela Lang/CNET

Motorola Razr 2022

Looks like Motorola is gearing up for its iconic Razr another comeback. The company teased a new version of the Razr flip phone with dual cameras, a larger cover display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor in a series of posts on Chinese social network Weibo, because GSM Arena spot. According to leaks from well-known leakers, previous rumors suggested the next-gen Razr could have a cheaper price, new pill-shaped dual cameras, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor Steve Hemmerstoffer (pass Compare dial) and Evan Blass (posted in 91 mobile phone).

we end up like 2020 Razr Because of its refined design and longer battery life. But CNET reviewer Patrick Holland noted that the phone’s then-$1,400 price tag and other shortcomings, such as the camera’s poor low-light performance, prevented it from being as good as it could be. If the rumored third-generation Razr becomes a reality, hopefully Motorola will fix these issues.

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Google's patented foldable phone sketches

Image from Google’s patent application for a foldable phone.


Google Pixel Fold (or Pixel Notepad)

Google could be the next major tech company to jump on the foldable phone bandwagon.The company is reportedly working on a foldable Pixel that could be shaped like a Oppo’s Find N Reportedly lower price than Galaxy Z Fold 3 9to5GoogleThe outlet also says the phone could be called the Pixel NotePad, but warns that its camera will likely be lower than the Pixel 6’s.

Google hasn’t revealed any plans to release a foldable phone. We also didn’t see any clues about the foldable Pixel at Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference that sometimes showcases new tech concepts.But given Google’s recent focus on hardware – it highlighted this at I/O Six new products announced — It wouldn’t be surprising to see the company experiment with foldables.

If Google does have a foldable phone, it’s unclear when it will launch.korean news site Electricity It said that Google had previously planned to release the device in the fourth quarter of 2022, but the company reportedly delayed the launch.

TCL folding phone

Foldable phone concept from TCL.

Lisa Edithiko/CNET

A TCL foldable phone

TCL cancels release plans flip phone foldable A 2021 phone, but it’s not giving up just yet.The Chinese electronics manufacturer showed two new concepts Earlier this year, for phones with rollable and foldable screens. One concept’s screen can be bent inward and outward, while another concept can fold and expand the size of its screen.

TCL didn’t say when it plans to release the foldable phone. But if it does, the company plans to keep the price at $700 or lower, TCL previously told CNET. Achieving that price will be a challenge, but hopefully it will inspire other phone makers to make their foldable phones equally affordable.

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Apple Foldable iPhone Concept Art

A fictional concept by YouTuber ConceptsiPhone that depicts what a foldable iPhone would look like.

Concept iPhone

foldable iPhone

Apple is one of the few major smartphone makers that has yet to release a foldable phone, and it’s unclear if it will. But rumors of a bendable-screen iPhone have been circulating for years, sparking speculation. If Apple is working on a foldable iPhone, it most likely won’t release the device for a few years. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman wrote in the 2021 Power On newsletter, foldable iPhone There are two to three years left. Display supply chain analyst Young also said in February that Apple’s foldable iPhone would be delayed until 2025. 9to5Mac.

It might not be a bad idea to wait a few years to launch its first foldable product. Expected foldable phone According to IDC, it will account for 1.8% of the entire smartphone market in 2025, up from 0.5% in 2021.Market research firms also say foldable It is expected to account for more than one-third of the high-end market for Android phones.

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