March 23, 2023

xResolver is an online database that tracks Gamertags and the IP addresses of players. It uses web scraping to collect the data, and it offers a premium service that hides your IP address. It is still available on the web, but you have to register. Alternatively, you can use an alternative database service. You can find more information on xResolver below. It uses web scraping to collect the data, but it has some limitations.

xResolver is an online database service that tracks users’ Gamertags and IP addresses

The xResolver database allows you to track other gamers’ Gamertags and IP addresses. There are many similar hacking applications on the Internet, and one of them is OctoSniff. OctoSniff collects decrypted information from online sessions and stores it in a database. This data can be used to target specific users.

xResolver started in 2017 and is now spread over two domains. It has been used to track users of PlayStation and Xbox games. The reverse lookups back then were not very effective, and many players started to store their Gamertags as a way to avoid being tracked. The service’s popularity grew rapidly after Octosniff became popular.

The XResolver database tracks IP addresses and Gamertags of users. To access the database, you need to authenticate yourself by providing your ISP login and password. Once you’ve successfully authenticated yourself, you can view the IP address of your opponent and their Gamertags. Once you have the information, you can add the person to your blacklist. This makes it harder for hackers to steal your personal data.

It uses web scraping to gather data

Xresolver uses web scraping to gather IP addresses from the internet, which can be used by interested parties. The service also ties your online identity to your physical internet connection. Using this service can help you stop hackers and DDOS attacks. To learn more, visit the site. The website also has an FAQ section. This article will give you an overview of xresolver.

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It offers a premium service that hides your IP address

Xresolver is an online tool that allows you to hide your IP address. It has a free version and a premium service, which both offer different features. The free version only allows you to store 25 IPs, but the premium service lets you store unlimited IPs for a monthly fee. Premium users can pay with a credit card, debit card, or CashApp. Regular gamers can also contact their internet service provider and ask them to change their IP address. Blacklisting will stop your IP address from being used by third-party booters.

The downside of xResolver is that it can make other people snoop on you, and the public information it collects about you is potentially dangerous. If you are playing online games, you don’t want your IP address to be visible to everyone, as it could potentially be used to target you in DDoS attacks. While XResolver offers a premium service that hides your IP address, it is not recommended.

Alternatives to xResolver

One of the best alternatives to xResolver is IP lookup services. These services allow you to lookup any IP address and determine where it came from. The good thing about these services is that they’re free, and you can use them anywhere you want. Despite what some people may think, these services are not safe and should not be used. Instead, you should look for a more reliable and safe alternative.

Although xResolver is a popular tool, it’s important to note that there are some significant disadvantages to using it. While xResolver is free to use, you’ll want to be sure that it’s not illegal to use it. You may also be subject to IP booters or party kickers who may try to use your private information for malicious purposes. While it’s legal to use these services, it’s important to avoid letting strangers use your public information to spy on you. You can even choose to blacklist your IP address to avoid being listed as a gamer.

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