June 5, 2023

Video games are a huge part of our modern culture, compared to what it was decades ago. While gambling used to be considered more of a hobby, today it is a way of life. It is something that can now also be a profession, in addition to being a very social activity. The gaming industry has evolved beyond machines and the afk tier gaming  that use them. It includes peripherals, accessories and even furniture. They’re designed not only to perform specifically for gaming and with gamers in mind, but also for comfort and, of course, aesthetics. Avid gamers will have a setup including their console, a large HDTV, amazing sound systems or headsets for online communication. But serious gamers will often have what most people overlook or take for granted: comfortable seats. Specifically, hardcore gamers should look for the best console gaming chairs.

Why a gaming chair, you ask? To play seriously, you have to sit and play for hours. Gamers sitting in an uncomfortable chair that can cause even mild discomfort will find it annoying for a few minutes. And they are sure to get excited when playing for hours. It is therefore very important to have a real gaming chair when playing on a console.

But what exactly differentiates a gaming chair from a regular chair or sofa? Isn’t a sofa already comfortable? Not to mention that it probably already exists in the living room where your console is? Why spend money to buy another chair just for gamers?

 it’s very hard to top it as perhaps the most serious console gaming chair in existence today. It is covered with an elegant and comfortable black leather. Its back support is adjustable and customizable. It is equipped with wireless speakers and a subwoofer. Both are part of the Audio Force Modulation Technology manufactured by Ace Bayou, for total audio quality and vibration motors for action feedback and total immersion. If you’re not a fan of the built-in speakers, there’s a jack for your own headphones.

Aesthetically, it is simply magnificent. There are, however, possible drawbacks.

First of all, it comes in black, so if you prefer a more colorful gaming chair. Second, as it is a pedestal chair, it is very comfortable for tall players with long legs. Shorter players who prefer to stay lower to the ground will not necessarily be comfortable with this chair.

The x rocker 5172601 surge, a floor rocking gaming chair, is a great choice. It is particularly aimed at people who prefer a simple and minimalist design, but who want an armchair at the cutting edge of technology and style. It is much more streamlined than its Pro series counterparts. But what it lacks, it makes up for in functionality and style. It is equipped with two speakers and a subwoofer with AFM Ace Bayou technology and bluetooth connectivity. It also features a racing-inspired backrest, which provides great comfort not only for gaming marathons, but also for watching TV and listening to music. This makes the Surge a more versatile chair with multiple functions.

Design-wise, it has a red piping that pops out from the black fabric and a gray center. However, there are downsides to not having armrests. And if you’re a tall person, sitting so low to the ground can be a little uncomfortable.

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